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‘set upThe last year has affected us all in various ways, from the tragedy of losing loved ones, losing jobs, to losing our freedom to see friends and family or even to simply get your hair cut. Businesses may have had financial losses last year or regrettably had to close and Cowes Week Limited was no different.  But it does seem that we can start to allow hope for the future to grow with the introduction of vaccines and news stories that seem to point towards a summer with more freedom.

And so we are making plans in the hope that the world famous ‘Cowes Week Regatta’ will be able to take place this year. Cowes Week Regatta has historically created an extremely busy time for local businesses and tourism. And it was sad to see it cancelled in 2020.

Hopefully it will (currently) be going ahead in 2021, albeit slightly differently. And we want to plan for the best while preparing for the worst.

Cowes Week Limited In partnership with the Cowes Business Association has introduced the Cowes Week Business Supporters Club for a few reasons.

  1. To help raise more capital for the event
  2. To create and build relationships with local businesses, to ensure they are part of and benefit from this amazing event.
  3. And create a community that works together and supports each other

The full detail hasn’t been worked out yet as currently, given the limitations we all face with Covid restrictions, it isn’t fully understood how this will pan out. But we have a rough idea of what it might look like.

Unfortunately, there won’t be a fireworks display as this would likely draw crowds which would be unwise. There also won’t be a main stage. Boat racing will probably be in the current format with social activities restricted. Groups of six may still need to be adhered to with a flowing in and in and out system. All yet to be decided. And the worst-case scenario (not including cancellation) would be just boat racing.

Cost for the Cowes Week Business Supporters Club are:

  • Cowes Business Association members cost £250 
  • Non-members – £300 (which will include membership to Cowes Business Association)
  • Payments for both can be made in instalments

What’s included (this is currently planned but hasn’t been finalised)

  • Two free tickets to the Royal Yacht Squadron Gala with cocktails where you and the sponsors can meet
  • Three window stickers. One x large (25cm x 18cm) and two x small (18cm x 12cm)
  • Listing in the official Cowes Week Regatta programme
  • Opportunity to advertise in the Cowes Week Regatta programme at a 25% discount (advertising rates are to be finalised).
  • Opportunity to advertise on the Cowes live TV programme at a 25% discount (advertising rates are to be finalised)
  • Having the first choice to buy advertising of ‘Flags and Banners’ space on Cowes High Street at a 25% discount (advertising costs to be finalised)

Questions that might be crossing your mind…

What is the money for the Cowes Week Business Supporters Club used for?

  • Cowes Week Limited will be promoting the event, Cowes the Isle of Wight far and wide with a national marketing campaign in association with Red Funnel, South West Trains and others yet to be finalised.
  • Everything listed above in ‘What’s included’.
  • And some will go towards event costs

Other funding that Cowes Week Limited is raising

  • Nine yacht clubs are also providing significant financial support through sponsorship.
  • Cowes Week Limited also have a patrons membership which is £3,000
  • A further £30k is hoped to be raised from the Business Supporters Club

What happens to our investment if the Cowes Week Regatta is cancelled this year?

  • Refunds will be offered on a sliding scale. Should the event be cancelled, the closer to the event we are, the less we will be able to refund as some of the investment will have already been made on advertising, collateral and event set up costs.

Cancelled at the end of:

  • March – full refund
  • April – 75% refund
  • May – 50% refund
  • After May there will be no refund but there will be a discount on next year’s Cowes Week Supporters Club

We see this as potentially an ongoing club that will stay in place for years to come.

I’m sure you’re as keen as the Cowes Business Association for there to be more freedoms this year and that we’ll be able to visit friends and family, enjoy the sunshine (fingers crossed for a hot one), laugh, chat and put the world to rights and enjoy an amazing event – the Cowes Week Regatta.

We’ll be working with Cowes Week Limited to fine tune the terms of the Business Supporters Club but would also love to hear your views so they can help shape club.

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