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Being a busy networker I am often asked “What do you do Alex?” To which my reply is always more or less the same: “I am, and have now been for over 25 years, a business and life coach and an NLP practitioner.” But, I hear you say, what exactly is a business/life coach? We are all familiar with the word “coach” especially as it applies to sport activities and I am sure that you have heard this word so many times applied to anything and anyone in the sports arena, whether that is the correct or more often incorrect way to describe someone’s profession.

 But what about a “Business coach” or a “Life coach” or an “NLP coach”?

 Well, in similar ways to a sport coach, as a Business Coach I help businesses to understand how their business works and how it can be improved and made to be more efficient and profitable. The fact is that we are all, myself included, experts at something and passionate about a few things; but we cannot be experienced, let alone experts, in all aspects of business! That’s where I come in.

 My objective is not to tell you what to do, I am not so presumptuous, because you are the right person to run your business and no doubt you have far greater knowledge of your specific business and all the skills to do so that me. Just imagine if Andy Murray’s coach were to tell him how to play; ridiculous! What he would do instead is develop Andy’s skills and bring him to a level where he would be able to play successfully against any opponent. What I do as a business coach is to help you do it better, more efficiently, more effectively, more cost effectively and help you to achieve better results and ultimately grow your business.

 My passion is to help people starting new businesses, or develop new streams to their existing business, support existing businesses to develop successful strategies and modalities, avoid the typical mistakes that many do due to lack of specific knowledge or awareness and support management and staff to adopt and follow better and more appropriate business practices that will grow that business.

 In a similar way, as a Life/NLP Coach, I support private individuals to discover all their hidden potential, strengths, skills and experiences, as well as any weaknesses, that make them who/what they are. With that in mind I support them to make all the changes that they wish to make and “walk with them” to ensure that those changes happen successfully. I love to support individuals find the best way to fulfil their dreams and aspirations, deal with any issues of self-confidence, self-esteem, or with an NLP approach, overcome fears, phobias and addictions. My goal is to help them make those life changes that often seem so daunting but actually are not.

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