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Dale Howarth

Business Mentor and Consultant

Dale Howarth has been a CBA member for several years and is well known across the Island for his work as a Business Mentor and Consultant to many of the Islands leading businesses, including Brightbulb Design, Lifeline, PC Consultants, Vectis Refrigeration and WightFibre to name but a few. But there is more to his work than this.

As a business mentor and advisor Dale uses his experience and knowledge to guide and support individuals and their teams of new-start, micro, small and SME businesses on areas including business development strategies, messaging, sales and marketing planning, competitive positioning and how to take advantage of low and no-cost marketing methods. Helping his clients on the Island, across the UK and further afield into Europe and North America to achieve greater success in business and life.

His specialist work as a consultant adds to this, supporting those requiring guidance, inspiration and input to resolve a specific challenge faced. Working closely with companies to develop the strategy and plans in key areas such as: competitor threat mitigation and response, market positioning and customer retention. Areas where his specialist knowledge and experience have been significant to the businesses he has worked with, often at a corporate level, for clients including Alfa Romeo, AMEX, Moore and Omnicom. He also sits as a non-exec Director on the board of a number of businesses including Ryde based PC Consultants.

Dale is one of a small number of Accredited CPD Speakers. Achieving this status in 2016. As a speaker he presents his ‘Practical Lessons for better Business’ lectures and talks to thousands of people each year, from those attending conferences or business events to students within academic institutions and teams within a business. As a speaker his unique approach combines content from over 50 practical lessons that can be tailored to suit the objective of any event, audience need and duration of presentation slot. An approach which ensures talks that remain unique, motivational, relevant and fully engaging for any audience.

Dale’s knowledge and experience is also reflected in his accreditation as a CPD Training Provider and his receiving the coveted Provider of Training Excellence Award from The CPD Standards Office, one of very few to hold this highest level accreditation from the organisation. In 2018 Dale was invited to become a CPD Ambassador with the CPD Standards Office (CPDSO) which is part of the Professional Development Consortium. Promoting the importance of continuing professional development and contributing at Westminster to the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Skills and Employment (APGSE).

Most recently Dale launched ‘Make it Happen’ a CPD Accredited Training Workshop for aspiring new business entrepreneurs which cuts through many of the myths and pre-conceptions often associated with starting your own business. With a clear focus on the key steps and strategies that work to create solid business foundations and drive sustainable, accelerated success for new-start businesses. In addition to all those that undertake the workshop receiving a CPD Certificate as recognition of their personal achievement, those successfully completing the workshop are registered on Gradbase to further reflect the high standard of training undertaken.

As you would expect, Dale is passionate about what he does. When he’s not with a client, training or presenting at an event he can usually be found reading a business book from his impressive home

library or writing a business article for publication in a magazine or journal. It’s these articles which formed the basis for his booklet ‘Practical Lessons for Better Business’, first printed in 2017 and proven to be a valuable reference for those attending his lectures and a welcomed gift from event organisers for their delegates at Dale’s conference and business event presentations.

You can find out more about Dale and his work by visiting, you can also keep in touch with him through LinkedIn and at CBA networking events.

Dale Howarth