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Snowdrops & Rosemary

Exceptional Care Company for Cowes

Snowdrops and Rosemary was formed by Roger and Lisa Lyness. After several bad experiences with Care, they realised that the area was in need of a complete revamp.  Lisa and Roger are both based in Cowes, with Roger being an Army Veteran and Lisa a business leader.

They saw that traditionally home care had people going into people’s homes, popping a meal in the microwave and leaving.  Roger and Lisa wanted something different, starting with Cowes. They demanded that home care should be more personal and caring and provide a service that is tailored to the individual’s needs.

They built Snowdrops and Rosemary with a team of professionals that really do care about people, where going above and beyond was never too much to ask. They built an Exceptional Care Company for Cowes.

The business provides care for people in their own homes with fully trained, certified professionals, providing care tailored to individual needs enabling people to stay in their own homes, where they want to be.  Whether the client has just returned from hospital, or they need lunch cooked for them, the team at Snowdrops and Rosemary provides all, and more: a small care team around the client, so it’s always a familiar face, at the agreed time.

Working with the clients, they enjoy lunch dates, and trips to the seafront, alongside home cooked food and a good chat with the people they enjoy spending time with.  We work with our clients to ensure that at whatever stage of life they are, they enjoy every single day, always looking forward to when a Snowdrop is their guest.  Each stage of the journey is carefully mapped between the client, family and the Snowdrops team.

“Without the support of my Snowdrops team, my 88 year old husband would not have been able to come home after a short residency in a care home.  The support and care have been at a level where we have seen him become mobile again, even to the extent of tackling a couple of steps.  Continuity of staff tailored to us has provided the two of us with friendship and confidence.  We know he is going to have setbacks so the knowledge that they can increase the support as needed is of great comfort.” Mrs C – The Anchorage, Cowes

Roger and Lisa believe that all home care should be exceptional, and they work tirelessly to ensure that the care provided by Snowdrops and Rosemary is just that.


Because everybody deserves a Snowdrop!
Claire Lincoln
Cowes Business
Author: Cowes Business