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Claire Lincoln

Typically a new year sees us looking at starting a new regime to better ourselves. Whether that’s to develop healthy eating, getting fit, or reducing debt, having the right belief system and being aware of how our thinking can potentially see us sabotage our efforts would be a great place to start. But it’s not always that easy.

I’d struggled with low self-esteem most of my adult life and it was eventually through my training as a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist that I was really able to make some positive permanent changes and reach some long held goals that I’d never seemed quite able to get to.

My career has been in graphic design and marketing for over 30 years, in mostly large corporate companies and lots of that time coaching and mentoring people in teams. I decided I wanted to give something more back that would be helpful to others and so trained as a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist in 2010. I trained with the Adam Eason School of Hypnotherapy and spent two years supporting students on his Diploma course. I gained my ‘Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma’ from the National Council of Hypnotherapy and I’m also qualified in EMDR and continue to study and develop my skills.

Over the years I’ve helped many clients create change in their lives from reducing anxiety and phobias to developing high self-esteem and reducing night terrors. What was abundantly clear was that those who did the homework I set for them saw the best results.

Since turning full-time in 2019, I’ve specialised in self-esteem, which is my passion. My vision was to focus on supporting people to develop great self-esteem which is why I created an online course to help people develop the positive beliefs and thinking that lead to high self-esteem. The course includes workbooks for each section with exercises much like I’d give clients when seeing them face to face. It’s clear to most that how you think and the beliefs you hold influence how you live your life. Your outlook and beliefs can either support your efforts to achieve happiness, personal development and other goals or hinder them.

If you’re ready to change your thinking and any beliefs that are holding you back then the course could be really helpful to help you do just that.

The online course can be found here and I’ve reduced the cost for until the end of January.

Claire Lincoln

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