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Sustainability June – My Funky Bags

The founder and owner of My Funky Bags, Molly Linton’s dream began as a young girl. Her parents took Molly and brother David on a trip to Italy back in 1976 and by chance Molly had the opportunity to spend a day in charge of a handbag shop in Taormina, Italy at just 10 years old. This set Molly on a path which led to where she is today. Now the eco-conscious brand ‘My Funky Bags’ is fulfilling her dream — and making a huge contribution to the environment at the same time. Australian-born Molly...

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Sustainability June – Catercycle

A new innovative business has just been launched in Cowes by Will Overton. Will is someone well known to CBA members, as his Cowes based business Vectis Refrigeration has been making things cold since 1999. This new business, Catercycle, focusses on the renewal of commercial refrigeration equipment. It is a new business that works to support the circular economy by providing high-quality ‘like new’, refurbished and used commercial equipment at a fraction of the cost of new. Over 2.8 million...

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Sustainability June – Eco Street

Alex and Laurel launched Eat Street as a result of both being made redundant in the summer of 2020. The takeaway business strives to be as sustainable and innovative as possible, using only home compostable packaging, contact free technology to collect and relies on pre orders to ensure food waste is kept to an absolute minimum. With this ethos, they decided to launch a sister brand, Eco Street. This brand stocks a variety of eco household products, such as compostable dish washing products,...

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Sustainability June

Sustainability is a foundation of what Cowes Business Association wants to achieve with and for all its members. We support the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and their drive towards a Circular Economy; we have many members for whom sustainability is a driving factor; and we know all members are keen to do their bit for the environment. So, as promised, our Sustainability June is now under way. We are featuring a member business each week in June, showcasing the sustainable products and processes...

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