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Cowes and Northwood Place Plan

Another great drop-in session last week – Ian Boyd talked us through the main results and recommendations of the Cowes & Northwood Place Plan. It seems to us at the Cowes Business Association that there’s lots we can take forward to help realise our vision of Cowes as a thriving, resilient, dynamic and prosperous place to live, work and visit.

Of the key broad objectives that emerge from the work, two seem particularly resonant for the CBA:


  1. The need for a louder voice for the North Medina area. This would mean Cowes, East Cowes, Whippingham and Northwood, all geographically linked around Cowes harbour and the Medina estuary, if collaborating, could create a good strong lobbying block for issues that affect us all. While this would be led by Cowes Town Council, Cowes Business Association should be instrumental in both leading and contributing, being the voice of business in Cowes.
  2. A local resilience plan (called a “Civic College” in the plan) which brings together all the activities that relate to community action and pools resources and resourcefulness. Since the enterprises in the area are dominated by non-profits/social purpose organisations, there is a huge opportunity to work together to build resilience and prosperity for all. And this aligns completely with the Cowes Business Association mission. We intend to take a full part in this resilience group as far as our resources allow.

If this is something that floats your boat and you want to be part of and instrumental in helping to develop your community please get in touch with us and let us know your thoughts. Better still, if you’re not a member, join today and help us drive the future of Cowes.