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Sustainability June - My Funky Bags

The founder and owner of My Funky Bags, Molly Linton’s dream began as a young girl. Her parents took Molly and brother David on a trip to Italy back in 1976 and by chance Molly had the opportunity to spend a day in charge of a handbag shop in Taormina, Italy at just 10 years old. This set Molly on a path which led to where she is today.

Now the eco-conscious brand ‘My Funky Bags’ is fulfilling her dream — and making a huge contribution to the environment at the same time.

Australian-born Molly spent most of her working life in the media. She worked for companies such as Virgin International, Microsoft, and Christian Dior. Despite incredible successes in the industry, an underlying desire to do something more creative was always there.

Molly’s work took her all over the world, living and working in Africa, Thailand, Australia and London, to name a few. But it was a holiday to the Isle of Wight to see family during Cowes Sailing Regatta that led to Molly and her husband, Eren, relocating from their home in Asia, with plans to set up a business together.

While researching new business ideas they came across the concept of these beautiful yet sustainable bags, made from packing straps and recycled water bottles. Eren, who worked in shipping, knew these packing straps were just floating everywhere in our oceans and that the plastic from these will never break down. So they joined forces with an amazing small business in Asia who collect this plastic rubbish, including empty water bottles and they use a cleaning process to turn it into new straps. Their company employs an amazing group of ladies who then hand weave the recycled plastic tapes into our bags.

The bags, which come in many beautiful colours and sizes, have taken the Island by storm. Molly and Eren started with pop-ups at events on the island and then opened their first shop in Yarmouth, and now their second big shop in Cowes. They have also expanded their eco-friendly business with beautiful towels some made from recycled cottons and amazing flip flops that are made from natural rubber tree sap, which are 100% biodegradable.

My Funky Bags is an Isle of Wight business hoping to promote to all our visitors and residents that’s it’s all about a sustainable lifestyle.

Gavin Ford
Author: Gavin Ford