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Sustainability June - Eco Street

Alex and Laurel launched Eat Street as a result of both being made redundant in the summer of 2020. The takeaway business strives to be as sustainable and innovative as possible, using only home compostable packaging, contact free technology to collect and relies on pre orders to ensure food waste is kept to an absolute minimum.

With this ethos, they decided to launch a sister brand, Eco Street. This brand stocks a variety of eco household products, such as compostable dish washing products, Bokashi composting sets and refillables. With this new venture came an exciting opportunity to become the exclusive distributors on the Isle of Wight for a zero-waste commercial cleaning product. Having worked in various pubs, restaurants, and hotels over the years the amount of waste (specifically plastic) from cleaning products in the hospitality industry was obvious. The PVA zero-waste cleaning sachets eliminate this waste, as a reusable trigger spray is used to mix a water-soluble sachet to produce a cleaning solution. The packaging itself is also completely biodegradable. Although the products are used within the Eat Street kitchen, they aren’t exclusively for hospitality, but would work in any commercial environment.

Whilst the zero-waste factor is paramount, the water-soluble sachets also tick a number of other desirable boxes. Due to the omission of water, the transportation of the sachets has less environmental impact due to the reduced weight, as the product is not premixed, the storage space needed is minimal, with a box of sachets for 15 litres of product being about the same size as 2 blocks of butter. The products are also cheaper than buying premade, single use products.

Eco Street stock the full range, including bucket sachets which include floor cleaner, laundry powder and dishwasher powder. They also offer a week’s trial of any product, with trigger spray and sachet provided.

First order discount available for CBA members – 20%

Gavin Ford
Author: Gavin Ford