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Cowes Business Association is here to support, encourage and promote your business, by connecting you with other like-minded business owners across Cowes, East Cowes, Northwood and Gurnard. We have a vibrant new website, regular newsletters, a fully interactive directory, annual exhibition (Covid dependent) and lively and successful networking events.

Come and be part of this inspiring local business community. We believe that it is in the interests of everyone who lives and works in Cowes, that all local businesses thrive.

And it doesn’t stop
at the Solent!

We pride ourselves in promoting Cowes businesses to whoever needs our members’ services. And we encourage our members to participate fully and support the Cowes Business Association community by spreading the word whenever they can. Many of our members travel on a regular basis to the mainland and further afield.

It’s in the interests of all our businesses that your business should thrive!

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Sustainability June – My Funky Bags

The founder and owner of My Funky Bags, Molly Linton’s dream began as a young girl. Her parents took Molly and brother David on a trip to Italy back in 1976 and by chance Molly had the opportunity to spend a day in charge of a handbag shop in Taormina, Italy at just 10 years old. This set Molly on a path which led to where she is today. Now the eco-conscious brand ‘My Funky Bags’ is fulfilling her dream — and making a huge contribution to the environment at the same time. Australian-born Molly spent most of her working life in the media. She worked for companies such as Virgin International, Microsoft, and Christian Dior. Despite incredible successes in the industry, an underlying desire to do something more creative was always there. Molly’s work took her all over the world, living and working in Africa, Thailand, Australia and London, to name a few. But it was a holiday to the Isle of Wight to see family during Cowes Sailing Regatta that led to Molly and her husband, Eren,...

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Member Profile – Alex Tana

Being a busy networker I am often asked “What do you do Alex?” To which my reply is always more or less the same: “I am, and have now been for over 25 years, a business and life coach and an NLP practitioner.” But, I hear you say, what exactly is a business/life coach? We are all familiar with the word “coach” especially as it applies to sport activities and I am sure that you have heard this word so many times applied to anything and anyone in the sports arena, whether that is the correct or more often incorrect way to describe someone’s profession.  But what about a “Business coach” or a “Life coach” or an “NLP coach”?  Well, in similar ways to a sport coach, as a Business Coach I help businesses to understand how their business works and how it can be improved and made to be more efficient and profitable. The fact is that we are all, myself included, experts at something and passionate about a few things; but we cannot be experienced, let alone experts, in all aspects of business!...